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You Scream, I Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream!

My father loved ice cream. Wherever we went for vacation, Pop would be sure to find the best local ice cream shops and treat everyone to a cup or cone. It was a well-established tradition during our large family beach gatherings.

If your family enjoys ice cream – and what family doesn’t love such an outing – then you might be wondering if good ice cream can be found at Surfside Beach. That’s a resounding yes!

Here are the best ice cream shops in Surfside (it also includes a few in Garden City Beach and Murrells Inlet, since they are so close by). These are in no particular order as they are all equally delicious:

· The Ole Fashion Ice Cream Parlor – 665 Hwy 17 South

· Meyer’s Ice Cream Parlor – 1906 Hwy 17 North – just south of Hwy 544 intersection

· Painters Homemade Ice Cream – 2215 Hwy 17 South + other locations, including at Garden City Pier

· The Yum Yum Shop – 111 Atlantic Avenue, Garden City Beach (near the pier)

· Twisters Soft Serve – 3968 Hwy 17 Business, Murrells Inlet

· Sweet & Hot Ice Cream – 1611 Hwy 17

· Sub-Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream - 106 Sayebrook Parkway (Target shopping center)

· The Lazy Surfer Creamery at Surfside Emporium - 411 Hwy 17 S

· Baskin-Robbins – 8709 Hwy 17 Bypass - I know, it’s a chain but it’s co-located with Dunkin Donuts so get your coffee & ice cream fix in one spot!

· Cookout – 100 Loyola Dr. OK, this is a fast-food burger place but we think they have the best milkshakes in town!

Let us know what your favorite ice cream place is in the area!

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