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Welcome Spring and the Luxury of a Heated Pool!

Pool at The Flamingo

Or at least the calendar says it’s Spring!   We think March and February got confused and switched places in the calendar but we are finally starting to see warmer temperatures on the horizon – we’ll hit the 70’s this week, hallelujah!

Our first guests of the season have begun arriving and while the temperatures are still a little too cool for this Southern girl’s toes, everyone so far has had a great time at a Noble Beach Home!  And a lot of those good times have been because of our heated pools.

Thank goodness for the pool heaters!  We believe they’re among the best investments we’ve made for our homes.

Beach homeowners generally consider two types of pool heaters:  electric and gas.   Most vacation homeowners at Surfside Beach opt for electric pool heat pumps.  Although they’re more expensive to purchase and install than a gas heater, they are less expensive to operate on an ongoing basis and are considerably more efficient than the alternative.   Pools heated with an electric heat pump tend to retain the heat better than those heated with gas.

Given the types of Springs and Falls we have – generally warm from mid-March through mid-October – an electric pool heating system is considered the best choice.

Our pool heater will be turned on several days in advance of your arrival.  It typically takes 24 hours to reach the optimal temperature of 84-86°F, but ambient air temperature can impact that.  Please note that the pool heater will not operate if the air temperature surrounding the heat pump drops below 55°F.  It will automatically turn itself on and off based on the surrounding air temperature.  This can’t be altered by us, it’s a design feature in the heating unit and is the one negative of an electric heat pump.

(A gas pool heater can be used in any weather conditions but you are paying for the cost of the gas – either propane or natural gas – in addition to the electricity charge which makes it much more expensive to operate.)

Turning the temperature up does NOT make the pool heat more quickly.  Provided ambient air temperature is above 55°F, the pool will heat at the rate of 1 degree/hour.  We cannot make it go faster than that!

The positive is a pool heated with an electric heat pump, such as we use, doesn’t cool off as quickly so even if the overnight air temps drop below 55°F, the pool temperature won’t drop commensurately so it won’t take as long to warm up once the daytime temperatures rebound.

We ask our guests not to alter the pool temperature since it does NOT make the pool warm up faster.  Our pool technician will adjust the temperature each time he visits.    If you have any concerns about the pool heater and its operation, please contact us or feel free to ask the technician on one of his several visits during your stay.

Now get your bathing suit on and try out that heated pool!

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