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Total Eclipse in South Carolina – August 21!

2017 Total Solar Eclipse, picture by

I’m envious of those of you who will be in the path of the great Total Eclipse of 2017!   We live north of Charlotte, NC and unfortunately are not going to be impacted much if at all.  Plus our kids will be in school that day so we can’t take a day trip down – although I’m not above pulling them out for the day!  But if you are in Surfside Beach on August 21, you will get to be a part of it!

Here are two great websites I found which will guide you through you the what, when and where to expect about the Eclipse:  2017 Total Solar Eclipse in SC and SCETV Solar Eclipse.   The time of the eclipse will be around 2:30-2:50 (these sites will give you the exact times).

The nearest city which will experience the total eclipse is Georgetown – it’s about 45 minutes south of Surfside Beach, straight down Hwy 17.   I suspect it will be very crowded, as they have several viewing events planned.  But Georgetown is a hidden gem along the Southern Strand – worth a visit whether you go on August 21 or not!  But if you want to head down there on Eclipse Day, here is another useful link:  Georgetown Eclipse Guide.

Remember to get your viewing glasses – don’t look directly at the Eclipse!  For now, you can purchase them at our local Walmart, Lowe’s Home Improvement Store and Home Depot, among many retailers in the area.   You can also order online from Amazon and I suspect many other sites.

Enjoy this remarkable event!

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