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Tents & Umbrellas Allowed on Surfside Beach!

Umbrellas on Surfside Beach

In late 2017, Surfside Beach repealed its ban on tents and umbrellas on the beach, making it the only beach in the Grand Strand area to allow those shading devices.  You can read the entire ordinance here.

In a nutshell, here are the rules:

  1. Must be placed at least 10 feet to the rear of the lifeguard stands

  2. Must be placed in a straight line eight feet from the dune line

  3. Must be at least ten feet apart from each other (this was previously six feet but the police department said they would need more room for emergency vehicles to turn around)

  4. Can’t be larger than 10’x10′

  5. Must have straight tie-downs

Enjoy your shading device this Summer!

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