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It's Gonna Be Hot Hot Hot In South Carolina!

If you've vacationed in South Carolina before during the Summer months, you know it can get HOT! And if this is your first visit here, you may be surprised by how hot it can get. Here are a few tips for how to keep your vacation rental home and yourself cool.

For you and your family: Stay hydrated! Eat lots and lots of ice cream (see last week's blog post for the best local places to indulge yourself!). Enjoy chilled fruits and cold beverages. Repeat!

The air conditioning systems at our homes are under immense pressure to perform during the hot summer months, so here are a few suggestions on how you can help it operate at its best:

  • The AC system is designed to operate most efficiently when the difference between the internal and external temperatures is about 20 degrees. When the gap widens beyond that, it is very difficult for the AC system to keep up. PLEASE keep the thermostat set to between 70-72 degrees! I know it’s tempting to ratchet the temperature down but that will only cause the system to freeze up and necessitate an expensive service call. It takes up to 24 hours for the coils to defrost and you will be without any air conditioning during that period!

  • Try to minimize opening and closing exterior doors, sliding glass doors and windows. I also know this is easier said than done because of how many people are staying in the home!

  • Close all blinds and window coverings, especially those facing the sun.

  • Use the ceiling fans. The ceiling fan is turning the right direction for cooling if you can stand under it and feel the breeze. (The blades should turn counter-clockwise in summer). If that is not the case, then the direction switch needs to be flipped. The switch is located on the ceiling fan housing – so an adult should of course be the one to flip the switch. Please only do this is you can safely reach the switch! Otherwise, let me know and I’ll ask our Maintenance Supervisor to stop by with a tall ladder so he can make the adjustment.

The pool water will begin to feel quite warm after multiple days of high temperatures. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to cool off a pool!

The sand and the road will also get extremely hot to the touch, so be sure everyone wears flip flops or shoes when walking to the beach. Blistered feet are the worst!

Intense afternoon storms can also develop with this type of weather, so be prepared to take the necessary safety precautions there as well.

Stay cool out there!

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