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Favorite Restaurants


We’re often asked for restaurant recommendations.  I’m always a little hesitant to respond because people’s tastes and expectations can be so different.   So with that caveat, here are some of our favorite places to eat in the Surfside Beach/Murrells Inlet area.

Breakfast/Lunch within Surfside Beach:

  1. Bubba’s Fish Shack – right across from Surfside Beach Pier, our favorite place for fried catfish and cold beers

  2. Big Apple Bagels – a  locals hangout for breakfast and lunch.  In the Piggly Wiggly shopping center at Surfside Dr. and Business 17

  3. Jellie Bellie & Co. – opened in 2017, great lunch menu!

  4. River City Cafe – oceanfront at the Surfside Beach Pier; great hamburgers!  Expect a wait in the Summer.

  5. BBQ House – any place which claims in its web address to be the “best bbq on the beach” better be good, and this doesn’t disappoint!  For those who are BBQ aficionados, they are the more Eastern NC style BBQ.

Dinner Dining at Surfside Beach:

  1. California Dreaming – American cuisine with some local twists.  Awesome honey covered croissants, huge salads, great Early Bird specials

  2. Miyabi’s Murrell Inlet – the best Japanese steakhouse we’ve ever been to – and wherever we travel, we try out the local Japanese steakhouse so we know what we’re talking about!  Definitely make reservations.

  3. Conch Cafe – oceanfront, just as you enter Garden City Beach on Ocean Blvd.  Admittedly, the food is just OK but it’s OCEANFRONT!  Check for hours – they do close during the off-season.

  4. The Original Valentino’s – don’t let its location in a Business 17 strip center scare you off – this place offers outstanding Italian food!

  5. Malibu of Surfside – located in the heart of downtown Surfside Beach (ok, did you know there was a downtown SSB?) at 815 Surfside Drive, this place also offers outstanding Italian food.  But it’s tiny, so make reservations!

Murrells Inlet – “MISC” has many, many locally owned and operated restaurants and we encourage you to try all you can!  Some do tend to be on the pricey, dressy casual side, but almost all serve locally caught and uniquely prepared seafood.  Here are just a few of our favorites:

  1. Hot Fish Club – their website claims they were founded in 1792 – not sure about that but we do like their food!

  2. Wicked Tuna

  3. Inlet Crab House

  4. Costa

  5. Lee’s Inlet Kitchen

Please share your favorites with us!

Bon appetit!

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