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Beach Safety First!

Surfside Beach, SC

We want your upcoming vacation to be worry-free and super safe.  With that in mind, please read this post and be sure to review with all members of your party!

Lifeguards are posted at stations up and down Surfside Beach from May 15-Sept. 15.  Please click here to see where they are stationed and learn about other safety precautions you can take during your vacation.

Riptides/rip currents are dangerous conditions which occur from time to time.  Sadly, every year a few swimmers drown because they do not know how to swim out of a riptide.   While the Surfside Beach lifeguards will post warning flags when these conditions exist, it is important for beach-goers to also recognize the threat (especially in the off-season when there are no lifeguards).   Please review this article which shows pictures of riptides and describes how to escape them.

The Town of Surfside Beach has asked all property owners to share this important message with our guests:


  1. A cubic yard of sand (3′ x 3′ x 3′) can weigh as much as 3,000 pounds – this is why people who are buried in sand cave-ins suffocate.

  2. A hole no deeper than two feet can cause serious injury if someone accidentally steps in it, and if it contains water it poses a drowning hazard for small children.

  3. Sea Turtles are sweet, lovely and fragile creatures, especially during their egg-laying season.  Surfsidians consider it an honor that sea turtles choose to lay their eggs on our beaches and we recognize we have a responsibility to protect them.  Sea Turtles, which are an endangered species, get trapped in holes and cannot get out to return to the sea. Baby turtles will die overnight.

  4. Town equipment used to clean the beach as well as Surfside Beach Police Department patrol vehicles can be damaged in large holes.

For your safety and that of the sea turtles and other vacationers, please fill in the holes you dig on the beach (as well as any you might stumble upon)!

Now we hope you will enjoy a safe and relaxing vacation!

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